One more step towards making CC-Singapore license “live” – the XHTML files

Giorgos (one of the two project lead for CC-Singapore) informs me that there’s just one more step to go towards making the Creative Commons Singapore license “live” (e.g. where you see Singapore listed when you choose a jurisdiction for your CC license).

The CC-Singapore team will be discussing with the Creative Commons folks via teleconference next week (Monday, 22 Sept 08), to get over the last critical obstacle before the CC-SG licenses can go live.

It’s something to do with preparing the ported licenses as XHTML files.

This is not an open invitation for the upcoming discussion for this final step, but in the CC spirit, if anyone knowledgeable about XHTML wants to be involved in this final step, drop me a note. I’ll direct you to the CC Singapore team.

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