Update: Final steps to “live” CC-SG licenses online

This is a follow-up from this post. Giorgos kept me in the loop on the outcome of the teleconference discussion.

Nathan and Michelle (from CreativeCommons.org) discussed with Giorgos and Ankit (the Singapore side) on the final steps needed to bring the CC-Singapore licenses “live”. What’s required is a careful transfer of text. The critical part is to be absolutely sure the text is correctly copied over to XHTML for all 6 licenses. ‘Cos once the license goes “live”, no changes can be made.

The plan is for Ankit to do a first draft. Then Warren and Anil (who translated the licenses) will double check, and so will Giorgos.

Oh, I’ve got to point out that everyone on the Singapore side is doing this in addition to their day-jobs. I’ve got a deeper appreciation of the work that’s involved in getting the CC licenses ported over and making it “live”. Thanks, guys.

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