Prof. Lawrence Lessig Explains Creative Commons Licensing

Lawrence Lessig (, founding board member of Creative Commons, explains about Creative Commons licensing in this 2006 video.

He explains that Creative Commons is an easier way (tool and technology) for people to signal how they wish their works to be shared and used. Which is an important point.

I think there’s a common misconception that Creative Commons is about giving up your copyright right. On the contrary, it works hand-in-hand with current copyright law. As Lessig points out early on in the video, Copyright (as we know it today) is “more protection” for that what most people need, when they share works in the Internet.

Learn more in the 8min video:

J.D. Lasica interviews Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig for an 8-minute video in regards to the future of copyright.

Lessig, of course, is the leading light of the participatory culture movement, chairman and co-founder of Creative Commons, and a member of the Ourmedia Advisory Board. His books are “Code,” “The Future of Ideas” and “Free Culture.” Lessig is a Law Professor at Stanford Law School, he’s also the Chairman of Creative Commons.


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