CC-SG Adopter: Starfish Stories :: The Band

[Disclosure: I’m one-half of Starfish Stories]

This is my band website/ blog, Starfish Stories :: The Band (my other band mate is Adrian Loo, aka Lekowala).
CC-SG Adopter: Starfish Stories :: The Band

This is the CC-SG license displayed at our sidebar:
CC-SG Adopter: Starfish Stories :: The Band

CC-SG Adopter: Starfish Stories :: The Band

Our default license is a “BY” license only. If any song is released under a different CC license, we’ll make special mention for that song so that there’s no confusion.

We make it a point to display the license on specific blog pages where possible. Again, it’s to make our position as clear as possible:
CC-Adopter: Discography « :: Starfish Stories :: The Band

One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s still not too clear for most people HOW exactly they should attribute to the creator. So we’ve provided additional information at this page on our blog.

I’ve found that releasing our work under a CC license has made us more friends, and additional publicity :)

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