Presentation at HIP Parent Seminar

Fyi, dear readers of the CC Singapore blog, I will present on “youth and user-generated content (UGC)” at an event for parents and educators this Saturday, organized by IPOS and the HIP (the Honour Intellectual Property alliance).

I will be speaking as an NUS lecturer, and not as CC Singapore, though I will talk about CC as well and how it provides a solution for legal sharing and reuse.

But the focus of my presentation will be on the opportunities and dangers of UGC, in an effort to educate parents on the associated risks (which extend well beyond copyright), but also to suggest that they should encourage their children to post/remix content and through that improve their media literacy skills. 

I’m curious how this will be received by the audience, but in any case it sets a nice precedent for working together with IPOS on IP-related matters. 

More info on the event:

~ Giorgos Cheliotis

  1. Good luck. Let us know how it went, Giorgos. I think in general, parents hear more about the dangers and abuse of the Internet rather than opportunities (like Creative Commons).

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