Creative Commons cited on IPOS website

The CC-SG team (specifically Chung Nian and Giorgos) have had cordial discussions with IPOS previously. Recently the nice folks at IPOS informed us that they’ve provided information about CC at this IPOS webpage, on Ownership & Rights:
[Last accessed: 10 Jun 09]
IPOS website mentioning Creative Commons

[Scroll to the bottom of the page]

IPOS website mentioning Creative Commons

The text says:

Creative Commons

Some copyright owners across jurisdictions have adopted licences provided by Creative Commons (CC).

CC is a non-profit organisation that provides licences and tools to allow owners of copyright material to designate the conditions (or “attributes”) under which their material may be used worldwide.

CC licences are not an alternative to copyright. In fact, they apply existing copyright law.

Users of CC licensed material are permitted to use the material without the need to further seek explicit permission from the owner, so long as the use conforms to the licence attributes.

Material released under a CC licence is not necessarily in the “public domain”, as the licensor using a CC licence does not have to give up all rights to his/her material.

CC licences are offered to the public at no charge and no registration is required to use a CC licence.

More information on CC licences can be found here.


[UPDATE 17 Jun 09: Thanks to Michelle Thorne for plugging this, here and here]

    • George
    • June 18th, 2009

    Very interesting… thanks.

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