Creative Commons SG team meets Creative Crew Singapore

Yesterday evening, Chung Nian and myself (Giorgos was out of the country) met three very cool dudes from Creative Crew Singapore – Linus, Carlsson and Stefano.
Creative Crew Singapore

The guys don’t have an About Page on their website, so I’ll just sum up what I know about them:

  • They hold regular meetings every 2nd Tuesdays of each month. I think about 20 to 30 people attend each meeting. Anyone can walk in and attend the meeting. No fees or membership registration required.
  • Each meeting features three to four speakers, each speaking for 20 mins.
  • Speakers share, on a voluntary basis, their domain knowledge relating to creative works. E.g. using Photoshop, Video Encoding, 3D software. If I got my info right, speakers are not limited to only software or specific IT domains. They would like to gradually include a broader range of creative domains (e.g. music, art, writing, photography, IP awareness even)
  • Creative Crew SG members also create and share stuff, like tutorials, at the site.

The meeting was an introductory one. More to touch-base and throw up some ideas for possible future actions. Here’s are some ideas we  discussed (I emphasise that they are ideas at this stage):

Design of publicity/ CC educational materials
We discussed the possibility of CCrewSG creating a Singapore-version Creative Commons brochure/ publication/ handbook. Something like what CC-Australia has done, at (btw, I particularly like this poster). By “Singapore-version”, we meant something that will fit the local context. E.g. how local creatives may think, wonder, be concerned about adopting CC.

Sharing session on Creative Commons
Creative Crew SG invited Chung Nian to share at the 11 Aug Creative Crew SG meeting. It’ll be sort of a follow-up from what I shared at the Creative Crew SG meeting in Mar 09.

Monthly CC feature
Idea is to feature a Creative Commons licensed work for the month. This could be something contributed by Creative Crew SG members (e.g. photo, video, text). Or Creative Crew SG could release the videos of their meetings under a CC license. Or incorporate CC-licensed music in their videos and credit the music.

As I post this, more emails are being exchanged. I can’t speak for Creative Crew SG, but I think we’re generally in agreement that we’ll start with something small and doable at this stage.

Everyone has their day job. Creative Crew SG — and CC-SG — are all being run on a voluntary on-personal-time basis. Probably the same as all CC movement worldwide. I’m sure it’s also what makes the CC movement worthwhile.

~ Ivan

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