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For those interested in Creative Commons related data for Singapore and other jurisdictions, check out the CC Monitor site at It is a site that “contains automatically collected data, graphs, research and collectively written commentary on the global adoption of Creative Commons licenses”.

CC Monitor

From the page on Singapore:

Compared to the rest of Asia, Singapore has a higher freedom score. With 31.5% of Singaporeans choosing the most liberal BY license, compared to Asia with 7.1%. BY-NC-ND was also a popular choice with almost 24%. However, compared to 43.7% of Asia choosing the same license, Singaporeans still choose less restrictive licenses as a whole.

[Last accessed 10 Oct ’09]

CC Monitor is a project initiated by Creative Commons and the Communications and New Media Programme of the National University of Singapore, with support from the Social Science Research Council and the Ford Foundation. Content is available under Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

BTW, our CC SG public lead, Giorgos Cheliotis, is also a founding member of the CC Monitor project. Several other contributors are also based in Singapore, like Ankit Guglani (SMU), Clint Gono (SMU), Jackson Tan (NUS), Pratichi Joshi (NUS), Sofia Morales (NUS). The Singapore page (as of 12 May ’09) includes responses from CC-SG community manager, Ivan Chew (in response to an interview by Jackson Tan, as well as from Giorgos Cheliotis.

If you have insights to share about CC-adoption in Singapore (e.g. you’re a CC-adoptor yourself or you consciously do not want to adopt CC), the CC-SG team would love to hear from you.

    • Giorgos
    • October 15th, 2009

    Thanks Ivan for posting this… this website is for a long time now in ‘beta’ stage :) I hope to be able to develop it further soon… will have to look for volunteers interested in adding content. If anyone is interested, let me know…

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