CC-SG Adopter: Firdaus “My Music Haven”

I got to know Firdaus from the Songcraft Songwriting Circle. Here’s his self-produced online album titled “Souled Out (2009)”, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND Singapore 3.0. license.

CC-SG adopter: my music haven: Souled Out (2009)

His album can be downloaded as a zip file, here.

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    • December 7th, 2009

    That’s a nice initiative, promoting creative commons in singapore. But isn’t it better if accompanied by better promotion efforts? Just my 2 cents. Cheers

    • Hi, thanks for dropping by. Sure, I totally agree with you :)

      I feel the best sort of promotion people can contribute is simply to adopt and display a CC license, where appropriate. Even if they use a CC-licensed work, they can support the CC movement by letting people know about the CC work and creator.

      I can speak for the CC-SG team when I say we agree more can certainly be done to promote Creative Commons in Singapore. For that, we need more people to step up and volunteer. Right now, we have volunteers and friends of CC-SG who help give CC-related talks at various formal and informal settings. All who help out/ work for CC-SG on their own time and resources. We don’t have any paid staff and certainly no budget at all. Cheers.

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