CC-adopter & CC Contribution: Stefano (Creative Crew Singapore)

Received this email from Stefano Virgilli:

I have created an album of textures from McRitchie reservoir. All the pictures are licensed under Attribution non commercial 3.0. Feel free to use and share. Thanks and Best Regards.

Stefano is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Certified Expert, and Adobe Community Professional. His website is at

He’s also part of the Creative Crew SG team that organises their monthly Creative Crew meetings.

In case you were wondering, Creative Crew SG isn’t a spin off from Creative Commons SG. They existed long before CC-SG came into being. But their intents are really the same — about creativity and sharing.

If you’re interested in advanced tips and tricks in using Photoshop (and on occasions there are topics like music, video, iPhone apps), try to catch one of their meetings where you hear experts and enthusiasts share various tips in 30-min segments.

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