CC-SG Adopter: Inch Chua

Thanks to Singapore musician, Inch Chua, for leaving us this comment:

Hello there! :) i’m a musician from singapore and all my works are under the CC licensing. and i’ve been actively promoting CC licensing for the [past] year or so. :)

Her music, licensed under a BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, can be downloaded from
Inch Chua

The Bedroom | Inch Chua

More about Inch:

You might know her from the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura. Frontwoman Inch Chua steps out on her own to share a different beat. Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Roisin Murphy, Shiina Ringo and electronic acts like Bjork, The Aphex Twin, The Postal Service…

Her website is at (scroll to the bottom for links to her Twitter, Facebook, YouTube pages etc.)

Great stuff, her music!

Incidentally, Inch was the first Singapore solo artist selected to perform at the South By Southwest music festival (SXSW) – see this article.

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