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YouTube now disabling audio rather than removing entire video

Interesting… YouTube is now disabling the audio rather than removing the entire video (where the audio copyright is in dispute or there are infringements).

The notice says: “The video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by [name of music publisher]. The audio has been disabled. More about copyright.”

Here’s a screenshot of the notice (click on the image for larger size):
YouTube - disabling audio rather than removing entire video
(I took the screenshot from this video I stumbled upon.)

Apparently it was quietly introduced since Jan 2009, as I discovered from posts like this and this.

I’d suggest YouTube could go one step further: suggest or direct the YouTube user to sites like ccMixter for suitable CC licensed materials.

Or include a para or link to Creative Commons at their YouTube “More about Copyright” page :)

~ Ivan


Opinion piece: Why Singapore should consider Creative Commons

This was written by Singaporean blogger, Bernard Leong, in June 2007 — before the announcement of CC-Singapore.


So, why is it important the Singapore government needs to look at Creative Commons? I have a few reasons to offer:

  • Encourages More Innovation and Creativity: Although Singapore is positioning itself to be a hub that champions the protection of intellectual property, we also faced an inherent problem of lacking creativity within our community…
  • It’s a win-win situation with the establishment: In the Creative Commons world, the establishment does not need to so tied with enforcing stringent intellectual property laws of copyright…
  • Moving towards a Web 2.0 mindset: The issue at the moment is that despite there exist small communities in the web 2.0 world, the majority are not…

Bernard’s full post, here.