CC Singapore License Draft in Public Discussion

Posting this here, as an archive. This post, originally published at the Creative Commons site, is perhaps the post that started off the final stages of CC-Singapore (‘cos up till then, few in Singapore knew even about the porting over of the CC license to Singapore:

Michelle Thorne, June 23rd, 2008

On behalf of CC Singapore, we are pleased to announce that the draft of CC BY-NC-SA adapted to Singaporean law (PDF) is now in public discussion. The CC Singapore team, lead by Anil Samtani and Giorgos Cheliotis and hosted at the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL), has been working with Creative Commons International to port the licenses to local copyright legislation. A launch event to celebrate Singapore’s completed licensing suite is scheduled in for July 27th.

As part of the public discussion, we warmly invite you to join CC Singapore’s discussion list and share your comments with local and international legal experts.

Thank you and congratulations to CC Singapore!



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CCi Singapore List

  • Legal Project Lead: Associate Professor Anil Samtani; Deputy-Director, CAPTEL
  • Public Project Lead: Assistant Professor Giorgos Cheliotis; Fellow, CAPTEL

[The latest update of the Creative Commons Singapore representatives can be found here]

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