Singapore rock band Lunarin invites remixes for their CC-licensed track


Singapore rock band Lunarin is a three-person outfit, who say they bang out “heavy art rock riffs in a hope to shock people“.

Yesterday, they officially announced that one track from their latest album, Duae (2010), is available for remixing under a BY-NC-SA license.

Extracted from their post, dated 10 Oct 2010, “Show us what you can do with The Sky (Algiers)”:

… Shortly after the album was released, we conducted a poll to ask people which was their favourite track off “Duae”. Interestingly enough, there was an overwhelming response in favour of The Sky (Algiers). We therefore decided to make The Sky (Algiers) available for free download for some of you peeps to take a shot at remixing it.

The file is available in Garage Band format and released under a Creative Commons License:

The Sky (Algiers)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.We would love for you to spend some time with this little song of ours and give it your own interpretation. Feel free to spread the link to your friends and disseminate it on your websites and blogs. Last but not least, we would love to hear the end product of what you’ve done. You can email us at .We would love to hear from you!

Lunarin | Home

The GarageBand file contains 16 individual track layers, i.e. vocals, guitars, bass, drums. Offers lots of possibilities for different styles, re-arrangement of tracks, effects applications and so on.

While there are Singapore musicians who have adopted CC licenses for their music, so far Lunarin is the only established (i.e. they have a real fan base) band who have provided a multi-track specifically for remixing.

Lunarin is:

  • Linda Ong – Bass, Vocals
  • Ho Kah Wye – Guitars
  • Loo Eng Teck – Drums, Vocals

Among the three, two of them are practicing lawyers and one holds a day job as an engineer :)

CC contribution: Macro Photography @ Kent Ridge Park (Singapore) set

Thanks to Stefano Virgilli (Creative Crew Singapore) for contributing this set of macro photography shots, taken at Kent Ridge Park (Singapore).

Macro Photography @ Kent Ridge Park (Singapore)

The photo set has been uploaded to Flickr, accessible here (flickr tags: stefano virgilli, creative crew, macrokent ridge park, singapore, flower, close-up, orange):

Stefano is no stranger to CC-SG. Thanks, and keep those CC submissions coming :)

The inaugural CC Salon Singapore

“CC Salons are open forums for people who are interested in the issues surrounding Creative Commons and global participatory culture. CC Salons are global, informal events focused on building a community of artists, developers, and creators of all kinds around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology.”

DATE: Fri 25 Jun 2010
TIME: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
WHERE: HackerspaceSG, 70A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483 (; map.
Indicate your attendance at the Facebook event page.

Presentation 1: “Sharing my Images with a CC license” by Preetam Rai (10 minutes)
Synopsis: Preetam talks about why he shares his photos under CC license and how people are reusing these images.
Preetam is a technologist and an  distinguished educator. He is always on the move, putting up open technology and culture events across Asia. (twitter: @preetamrai , web: )

Presentation 2: “Marginalia: Giving books their social life” by Kevin Lim (10mins)
Synopsis: Kevin ( will give a short presentation that discusses the tradition of “Marginalia”, that is notes and scribbles left behind in the margins of a used book. He will show how the printed text taps on this tradition to become “socially alive” online, through the use of open-source tools such as CommentPress and Augmented books tend to be licensed under CC, as they encourage user participation and co-creation.
Dr. Kevin Lim graduated with his PhD in Communication at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). Dabbling for both pragmatic and play, he seeks an ideal interplay between online and offline life, through social networking, blogging and lifecasting.

Presentation 3: “Adobe After Effects demo: Creating animated words” by Stefano Virgilli (10mins)
Synopsis: Stefano will show how he animates words using Adobe After Effects. He will show how the videos can convey emotion from the animated words. After the demo, the completed project will be made available in HD format, under a CC license, at
Stefano has an Italian degree in communication design and moved to Singapore three and a half years ago. Since 2003 he has been teaching mostly 2D graphic design and photography post production. He now also specialises in video editing, 2D and 2.5D animation. He is a certified trainer and more about his training credentials can be found at

Presentation 4: “Creative Commons & The Opposing Innovation” by Inch Chua (10mins)
Synopsis: For a century, major record label companies have been monopolising the music industry. However the innovation of the Internet has spawned its greatest “leaderless” enemy, infamously known as Music Piracy. With such opposing innovation against the conventional Music Business System, it has become evident that musicians/ artists need to seek new ways to adapt to its changing environment. So why would Creative Commons licensing be the answer?
You might know Inch Chua by the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura. Or you might have heard about her as being the first Singapore solo artist selected to perform at the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival. Her CC-licensed music can be downloaded from


  • HackerspaceSG –
  • Ruiwen, for venue arrangements at HackerspaceSG.

What happens at the CC Salon Singapore sessions?
You turn up, network, share and mingle. That’s it :) There will about 30mins to 45mins worth of CC-related sharing/ presentations. The rest of the time is really for you to get to know your fellow Creative Commoners better. For enquiries, please email the Creative Commons SG community manager, Ivan Chew (

Reference: CreativeCommonsSingapore wiki page.

CC-SG Adopter: Inch Chua

Thanks to Singapore musician, Inch Chua, for leaving us this comment:

Hello there! :) i’m a musician from singapore and all my works are under the CC licensing. and i’ve been actively promoting CC licensing for the [past] year or so. :)

Her music, licensed under a BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, can be downloaded from
Inch Chua

The Bedroom | Inch Chua

More about Inch:

You might know her from the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura. Frontwoman Inch Chua steps out on her own to share a different beat. Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Roisin Murphy, Shiina Ringo and electronic acts like Bjork, The Aphex Twin, The Postal Service…

Her website is at (scroll to the bottom for links to her Twitter, Facebook, YouTube pages etc.)

Great stuff, her music!

Incidentally, Inch was the first Singapore solo artist selected to perform at the South By Southwest music festival (SXSW) – see this article.

CC Adopter: MyVanillaWorld

I-Ling, aka MyVanillaWorld, has been a radio presenter, a “folk lounge singer and songwriter wannabe” and is presently a “regular salaried worker”. If you ask me, I’d add “writer” to the list.

She has adopted a CC BY NC 3.0 Singapore license for her blog,
About My Vanilla World « my vanilla world

About My Vanilla World « my vanilla world

She can also be found at Her vocal samples are pretty popular, from what I see. I’ve remixed a few of her pells myself.

CC-adopter & CC Contribution: Stefano (Creative Crew Singapore)

Received this email from Stefano Virgilli:

I have created an album of textures from McRitchie reservoir. All the pictures are licensed under Attribution non commercial 3.0. Feel free to use and share. Thanks and Best Regards.

Stefano is an Adobe Certified Instructor, Adobe Certified Expert, and Adobe Community Professional. His website is at

He’s also part of the Creative Crew SG team that organises their monthly Creative Crew meetings.

In case you were wondering, Creative Crew SG isn’t a spin off from Creative Commons SG. They existed long before CC-SG came into being. But their intents are really the same — about creativity and sharing.

If you’re interested in advanced tips and tricks in using Photoshop (and on occasions there are topics like music, video, iPhone apps), try to catch one of their meetings where you hear experts and enthusiasts share various tips in 30-min segments.

CC contributions: Videos and Interactive Java Applets

SG-adopter and educator, Loo Kang (, shares the following resources under CC licenses:

He also added that the CC-licensed Java Applets he made “are the real gems”. The Applets can be found on the NTNU virtual lab forum:

Loo Kang suggests that those interested in using the Java Applets can read his blog to get a sense of what/ how the Java Applets can help people learn physics.

From what I found out, an applet is:

“a program written in the Java programming language that can be included in an HTML page, much in the same way an image is included in a page. When you use a Java technology-enabled browser to view a page that contains an applet, the applet’s code is transferred to your system and executed by the browser’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM).” ~ Source:

I emailed Loo Kang for more info on how one can use the Java Applets, and he explains:

  1. To download the applet and it source codes, register at
  2. Using this link as an example (, download the working applet from Download EJS jar file (913.8kB).
  3. Double click the downloaded file to run it.
  4. The license is auto generated by the Taiwanese Professor, Fu-Kwun Hwang, under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Taiwan License. But those I make with his help and others in the educator professional learning community, I license under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License.
  5. Developers/educators can download the source codes from Download EJS XML source and remix the applet (use Ejs tool – to suit their own classroom needs, under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License.
  6. The embedding codes can be copied too but that isn’t the strategic intent of sharing the source codes. The whole idea is to empower educators to make changes themselves, learn and improve the java applets (interactive learning environments etc.).

Thanks for sharing, Loo Kang.

~ Ivan (CC-SG community manager)


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