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CC-BY-NC-SA Made-in-Singapore documentary: “Radio Forgot to Play My Favourite Song”

This was the surprise video that was screened at the inaugural CC Singapore Day 2011. Thumbs up, once again, to Billy Tan for presenting this. Kudos to the team of Gavin, Jason and Billy for producing this documentary almost 10 years ago.

Prior to the screening at CC Singapore Day 2011, there were YouTube segments of the video already posted (parts 1, 2, 3). But this circa 2002 video was finally released under a CC license in 2011 (which would make the terms of subsequent sharing, downloading and screening a lot clearer).

The CC licensed video can be viewed/ downloaded at
Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song : Gavin Chelvan, Jason Siau, Billy Tan : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

From the blurb posted at

Radio Station Forgot To Play My Favourite Song s a 23-minute documentary on the contemporary rock music scene in Singapore circa 2002. It features commentary from and footage of renowned DJs, music critics, industry bigwigs, producers and musicians.

Interviews with:

  • Kathi (Rudra)
  • Dino (Force Vomit)
  • DJ Rough (Chou Pi Jiang)
  • Chris Ho
  • Phillip Cheah
  • Joe Ng

Songs featured:

  • Never Be Alone – Chou Pi Jiang
  • Spacemen Over Malaysia – Force Vomit
  • Last Nite I Said Goodbye – Force Vomit
  • Siti – Force Vomit
  • Liberator – Force Vomit
  • Sad But True – Rudra
  • Losing You – Astreal
  • One Big Happy Family – Humpback Oak
  • Radio Station – The Padres

Producer: Gavin Chelvan, Jason Siau, Billy Tan
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Keywords: musicdocumentaryrockSingapore

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0


Update – CC-SG Adopter: Justin Koh

We first mentioned Justin back at this post:

Justin Koh is an instrumentalist from sunny Singapore who has performed on keyboards, guitars, drums and percussion for everything from progressive metal bands and acoustic folk duos to a childhood production of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

Justin gamely contributed this set of audio loops as part of the CC Singapore Fest.
was one of the presenter at the inaugural CC Singapore Day 2011.

We invited Justin to present his music and thinking behind adopting CC. He was modest and a little shy about taking up the invitation at first, but gamely accepted the invite :) After the event, we asked him for a little brlub about his adopting CC:

As a solo artist, I write ambient, post-rock and electronic music, crafting multi-layered soundscapes and textures from my home studio. I also explore the use of live-looping techniques, using only my guitar and an array of effects to perform these tracks live as a one-man band.

I started releasing my music under CC in October last year (after CC Singapore contacted me!)

Justin’s music is at He also plays in a progressive rock band called Anechois. His personal website is at

CC-SG adopter: Jean Reiki

Jean Reiki, aka DJ Reiki, was one of the volunteers/ presenters at the inaugural CC Singapore Day 2011 last year. She said she first adopted a CC license in April, 2011.

More about Jean:

Born and raised in Singapore. It was in 1999 when DJ Reiki stumbled upon the hard hops of Omar Santana and the nu-skool breaks of Adam Freeland. Her style of DJing gradually developed, resulting in sets of high impact tunes, frantic beats, swirling analogues and monster hooks.

Since Reiki’s first well-received club appearance in Phuture and her debut promo mixset entitled Equlibrium 001: Dawn of Breaks, she has moved on to spin for leading local dance music events ranging from Sirens, Phuture Breaks, Localised, Guerilla, Pop My Cherry and I ❤ Dubstep.

Scenewise, Reiki was a pillar in gathering enthusiasts to document the Breaks music movement in the form of writing articles, music reviews, video interviews and podcast production in Breakinasia web portal. As a radioshow host of Fixation show at the underground Meshradio station, she whipped up the cream on fresh nu tunes as well as lime-lighting radio mixsets of undiscovered gems culled from around the world.

Come 2012, expect more production work in the pipeline. After brushing up her skills at London’s Point Blank Online Music School, Reiki is set on searching for musicality in her sound.

You can follow her at the following: | | |