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Invitation to Join CC Global Network; Notice of Termination of MOU or Affiliate Agreement

28th March 2018

Dear CC-SG community,

Some of you may be aware of the restructuring at CC (HQ), including the introduction of a new global membership structure <>. The MOU between CC and CAPTEL (i.e. CC-SG affiliate) has also ended.

With this, we the current CC-SG team (Chung Nian, Hisham, and Ivan) have reviewed how best to continue supporting and organising CC initiatives. This announcement shares our thinking and rationale.


Here’s the TLDR version:

Purpose of CC-SG
The CC-SG informal group was primarily formed to see through the porting of the SG version license in 2008 (released as version 3.0 in). <>.


The CC license now at version 4.0 <> has been designed to operate even better internationally, this has effectively removed the need for porting especially in the case of CC-SG.

Community & publicity
The second main aspect of CC-SG was to promote awareness of CC and help provide localised information.


From the start, such activities have been done in individual capacities and taken place organically as grassroots activities tend to be. CC-SG is grateful to have the support of educators and individuals, who have either actively used CC materials and/ or shared CC with their own private and professional circles.

In reality, anyone can become a CC advocate.

With the CC Global Network formally in place, this means anyone can volunteer to be a CC advocate by applying directly to CC.



As such, the following platforms will be retired/ archived:

  • CC-SG Google group mailing list
  • Blog/ website
  • Facebook page


That said, if anyone feels strongly that they should be maintained AND are willing to take over the overall responsibility of managing the platforms, please feel free to contact Ivan <> and/or Hisham <> by 1 May 2018.


Sincerely and with Best Regards,

CC-SG team:
Ivan Chew (Public Lead)
Mohd Hisham (Community Manager)
Lam Chung Nian (Legal Lead)


Creative Commons SG team meets Creative Crew Singapore

Yesterday evening, Chung Nian and myself (Giorgos was out of the country) met three very cool dudes from Creative Crew Singapore – Linus, Carlsson and Stefano.
Creative Crew Singapore

The guys don’t have an About Page on their website, so I’ll just sum up what I know about them:

  • They hold regular meetings every 2nd Tuesdays of each month. I think about 20 to 30 people attend each meeting. Anyone can walk in and attend the meeting. No fees or membership registration required.
  • Each meeting features three to four speakers, each speaking for 20 mins.
  • Speakers share, on a voluntary basis, their domain knowledge relating to creative works. E.g. using Photoshop, Video Encoding, 3D software. If I got my info right, speakers are not limited to only software or specific IT domains. They would like to gradually include a broader range of creative domains (e.g. music, art, writing, photography, IP awareness even)
  • Creative Crew SG members also create and share stuff, like tutorials, at the site.

The meeting was an introductory one. More to touch-base and throw up some ideas for possible future actions. Here’s are some ideas we  discussed (I emphasise that they are ideas at this stage):

Design of publicity/ CC educational materials
We discussed the possibility of CCrewSG creating a Singapore-version Creative Commons brochure/ publication/ handbook. Something like what CC-Australia has done, at (btw, I particularly like this poster). By “Singapore-version”, we meant something that will fit the local context. E.g. how local creatives may think, wonder, be concerned about adopting CC.

Sharing session on Creative Commons
Creative Crew SG invited Chung Nian to share at the 11 Aug Creative Crew SG meeting. It’ll be sort of a follow-up from what I shared at the Creative Crew SG meeting in Mar 09.

Monthly CC feature
Idea is to feature a Creative Commons licensed work for the month. This could be something contributed by Creative Crew SG members (e.g. photo, video, text). Or Creative Crew SG could release the videos of their meetings under a CC license. Or incorporate CC-licensed music in their videos and credit the music.

As I post this, more emails are being exchanged. I can’t speak for Creative Crew SG, but I think we’re generally in agreement that we’ll start with something small and doable at this stage.

Everyone has their day job. Creative Crew SG — and CC-SG — are all being run on a voluntary on-personal-time basis. Probably the same as all CC movement worldwide. I’m sure it’s also what makes the CC movement worthwhile.

~ Ivan

Creative Commons Singapore meeting, 6 Mar 09

Here’s a quick update (as reported by Ivan Chew, i.e. this isn’t formal Minutes).

The Creative Commons Singapore ‘team’ met at Toa Payoh Public Library on 6 March.

I say ‘team’ because CC-SG isn’t a formal organisation. There’s no one person in-charge, now that the license has been ported over.

Creative Commons Singapore meeting, 6 Mar 09
[Click on the image to see names of attendees (a few others couldn’t make it to the meeting)]

Well, that was one of the agenda items discussed at the meeting. Whether there was a need — legal or otherwise — to register the Creative Commons Singapore as a formal entity.

Pros and cons were discussed. Also what other jurisdictions (i.e. countries) practiced; what could still be done even if CC-SG wasn’t formally registered. It remained an open-question at the end of the meeting. Which means, in a way, there wasn’t an urgent need for this at this stage.

Here’s what I doodled on the whiteboard, by way of summarising the main discussion thread:
Creative Commons Singapore meeting, 6 Mar 09

About the ‘People’ part, it was confirmed that Chung Nian and Giorgos would be the Legal Lead and Public Lead respectively. That’s as ‘official’ as things. For me, the simplest way to explain their appointments is that if formal organisations like IPOS wanted specific clarifications about CC-SG license, then those two guys would be it! :)
Creative Commons Singapore meeting, 6 Mar 09

Other appointments were also deliberated and decided. For instance, Harish and Ivan (that’s me) would be the ‘Community Managers’. This meant that we could help look out for suitable events (i.e. the Platform part in the diagram) to spread the word about Creative Commons.

For instance, Harish as CC Evangelist (with focus on OSS) and Elizabeth as CC Evangelist (with no specific focus for now). Ivan (that’s me) would be the ‘Community Manager’, i.e. help look out for suitable events (i.e. the Platform part in the diagram) to spread the word about Creative Commons. Or organise events in partnership with others.

Ideas included a “Creative Commons SG Day” and “Creative Commons Saloon” (kinda like meetups with food and drinks).

The discussions were friendly, cordial, informal but utterly professional (I found it fascinating to hear Anil and Chung Nian talk about the Legal nitty-gritty involved… I guess that makes me some sort of CC-geek!)

Seriously though, it was grassroots advocacy blended with professional work. Most of the participants, including myself, were attending the meeting wearing both professional and personal hats, so to speak.

As I wind up this post, I realised the goal for the CC-SG team was left unsaid. But I think this was something already internalised by everyone at the meeting. If not, we weren’t be in it.

I’ll state it anyway: To raise awareness and advocate the adoption of Creative Commons in Singapore.

Come to think of it, I think this presumption might be a roadblock for CC-SG team’s efforts. I think in Advocacy work, one cannot assume that the benefits are apparent. Personally, what I think what we might want to come up with are a set of materials to explain “Why CC-SG” or “Why CC at all?”

~ Ivan Chew
p.s. Associate Professor Anil Samtani, formerly the team’s Legal Project Lead, promised to write an ‘origins’ piece on “how CC-SG came to be”. I think it’ll be an important piece of CC-SG heritage.

Update: Still in the process of making CC-SG licenses “live”

From Giorgos (CC-sg public project lead):

… in case anyone is wondering why the CC-SG licenses are not up yet, it’s because last-minute amendments are still being made to the licenses which are otherwise nearly ready to go. CC takes the release of new licenses very seriously and wants to ensure that they are as good and clear as humanly possible before they are up.


See previous update.

Update: Final steps to “live” CC-SG licenses online

This is a follow-up from this post. Giorgos kept me in the loop on the outcome of the teleconference discussion.

Nathan and Michelle (from discussed with Giorgos and Ankit (the Singapore side) on the final steps needed to bring the CC-Singapore licenses “live”. What’s required is a careful transfer of text. The critical part is to be absolutely sure the text is correctly copied over to XHTML for all 6 licenses. ‘Cos once the license goes “live”, no changes can be made.

The plan is for Ankit to do a first draft. Then Warren and Anil (who translated the licenses) will double check, and so will Giorgos.

Oh, I’ve got to point out that everyone on the Singapore side is doing this in addition to their day-jobs. I’ve got a deeper appreciation of the work that’s involved in getting the CC licenses ported over and making it “live”. Thanks, guys.

One more step towards making CC-Singapore license “live” – the XHTML files

Giorgos (one of the two project lead for CC-Singapore) informs me that there’s just one more step to go towards making the Creative Commons Singapore license “live” (e.g. where you see Singapore listed when you choose a jurisdiction for your CC license).

The CC-Singapore team will be discussing with the Creative Commons folks via teleconference next week (Monday, 22 Sept 08), to get over the last critical obstacle before the CC-SG licenses can go live.

It’s something to do with preparing the ported licenses as XHTML files.

This is not an open invitation for the upcoming discussion for this final step, but in the CC spirit, if anyone knowledgeable about XHTML wants to be involved in this final step, drop me a note. I’ll direct you to the CC Singapore team.